I never had full or long lashes, neither did they have a nice curl. Naturally I do have really straight lashes, which can fall out quite easily, if I’m not gentle while removing my eye makeup.

After trying some lash enhancers, which didn’t do a thing, I came across Revitalash, I would say one and a half years ago. Even after a few weeks I could see a difference and I’m in love with it ever since then. I use it every other day and I’m still at my first one, so the price is definitely worth it.

I’m sorry for the rubbed of writing on mine, but it had to go through a lot of traveling with me, because I don’t want to miss it ever again.

Ciaté Fail


Looking through my nail polish collection today, I had to find some pretty dried up glitter polishes. All of them are from Ciaté and mini sizes. Even though I like Ciaté as a brand and their colour range, I must say that these three polishes disappointed me quite a bit. To be honest these ones are from the advent calendar from 2013 and 2012, as I write that down I just realize how long ago that may seem like, but I do have other glitter polishes, even older than that, which didn’t dry up yet. The three bottles are „PP086 – Confetti“ (the silver one), „Glass Slipper“ in a blue shade and „Magic Carpet“ in pink. All of them are now in a quite thick texture and there is no way I could apply that on to my nails.

I still like my other Ciaté polishes, but I will probably stick to not glittery ones within the range of them.


Did you have similar experiences with Ciaté? And which brand does have your favourite glitter polishes? I would love to hear.

5 Summer Nail Polishes

Being an official nailpolishaddict and wearing nail polish 24/7 on my nails, choosing my top 5 for summer isn’t actually that easy.

Not the biggest surprise, but still – all of them are from Essie. (Probably because Essie is one of my favourite nail polish brands)

Essie polishes hardly ever chip on me and I can wear them for a full week, with the right base and top coat. For my record that’s pretty good.But let’s talk about the actual colours.

My first one on the left is „Dive Bar“, a blue shade with a greenish undertone and a metallic sheen to it, which shows up in the sun really nicely. It’s a fun colour for summer that reminds me of the ocean and i do love a metallic here and there. Right next to it is „Blanc“, kind of a classic and staple peace in the nail polish world, but so versatile. I sometimes layer confetti top coats (like for example L’oréal) or other sparkling nail polishes to make the white pop even more.

A bright red, with an orange undertone, called „Too Too Hot“ is my musthave red in the summer. A nice pop of colour that looks amazing on your nails with a tan on, or on paler skin, like mine.An also really popular colour from Essie „Lovie Dovie“ a girly light pink, and who doesn’t like some pink in the summer?It’s really opaque, especially for that light of a pink and makes me really excited for summer, even tough the weather here is not the sunniest right now..

And finally – drum roll – „Splash of Grenadine“. The mix of lilac and pink, how to describe this wonderful colour?, is one of my favourite nail polishes in general. It’s a beautiful colour that has a settle amount of glitter in it, which you can just see in the bright sun and looking really closely, but still. It’s a nice transition nuance from light spring shades to the summer ones and does look really pretty on your toes as well.

Which are your favourite summer polishes? As an addict I would love to know and maybe try out some of them.